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Body Treatments


Body Polish


This complete exfoliation will cleanse and refine the skin, reviving and renewing the body.

(Treatment Time 45 mins)


Hot Stone Full Body Massage


This Full Body massage includes volcanic stones that target & ease tired aching muscles.

(Treatment Time 1 hour 30 minutes)


Hot Stone Back Massage


Experience total calm and a feeling of inner peace with this hot stone back massage.

(Treatment Time 45 minutes)


Back Massage


A perfect body treatment to target those common tension areas such as the neck, shoulders and lower back. Guaranteed to ease those everyday aches and pains.

(Treatment Time 30 mins)


Life Saving Back Treatment


(This body treatment takes 40 mins)


Full Body Massage


A Swedish massage designed to ease tensions, relieve stress and promote a feeling of well-being. This treatment concludes with a deep scalp massage for total relaxation. 

(This Treatment takes 1 hour 15 mins)


Aromatherapy Full Body Massage


Combine the benefits of massage and individually chosen oils in one of the finest anti-stress treatments available. Here the acupressure points are focused on, helping to strengthen the nervous system thus restoring lost energy.

( This body treatment takes 1 hour 15 mins )


Head, Back and Neck Massage


Designed to relax the back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp area, promoting a sense of well-being for both mind and body.


(This Treatment takes 1 hour)

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