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Specialised Treatments

We introduce new treatments and products frequently, so please keep checking back for the latest information. 

Christine Ferguson

From £150

Semi Permanent Make Up

Carolyn Barr

From £40

Specialist Massage

Ceara McCluskey

From £30

Ear Candling


This age-old natural therapy uses candles made from pure beeswax, honey extract, and herbs such as sage, St John's wort, chamomile and pure essential oils helping to soothe earache, headache, ear noise, stress and nervousness. Includes cleanse, tone and facial massage prior to candle treatment.

This treatment takes 1 hour





An ancient practice of applying pressure to specific areas of the feet to aid relaxation, relieve stress, improve circulation, reduce pain and encourage overall healing.

(This treatment takes 1 hour)

Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage is massage applied to the head, shoulder, back, neck and arm areas. The methods are designed to promote relaxation, to relieve stress related muscle tension and to improve blood flow in these areas. The techniques are ones that have been used for a thousand years on the Indian sub-continent where there are stressful situations or physical problems arising from the continuous use of computers. It is a highly versatile treatment and can be applied through clothing or using oils.


(This Treatment takes 1 hour 15 mins)

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