Facial Aesthetics

All procedures are carried out by our Harley Street trained consultant Dr. Michael Herron.



Dermal Fillers

A collagen material made of synthetic or natural materials injected into the dermis (the connective tissue layer of the skin located below the outer skin) designed to "plump up" the area around the region injected and make it firmer, creating a smoothing effect with other areas of the skin. This is an extremely safe procedure. How can dermal fillers improve the appearance?


  • Fill out lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, nose and forehead

  • Enhanced lips producing better definition and reduction in lipstick bleed

  • Fuller lips giving more volume

  • Facial contouring e.g. cheeks and chin dimples


Botox ® is the trade name for this treatment. It blocks impulses from the nerve to the tiny facial muscles, related to expression lines (wrinkles), leading to a smooth unwrinkled complexion. It leaves the untreated muscles to contract as normal, allowing natural facial expression to be unaffected.


What results are produced?

  • Wrinkles are smoothed out

  • A more youthful appearance is produced

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